Good Wolf Art

What is Good Wolf?

Good Wolf is an initiative started by a neurologist to translate what we know from research in neuroscience and related fields and bring that knowledge into public awareness and conversation.

Why This is Important

Our brain supports our consciousness, identity, experiences, thoughts, beliefs, abilities, decision-making, and actions. You might say that, at least during our life on earth, a person IS her or his brain.

A normally-developed and healthy brain helps us thrive and achieve our potential as humans. A well-functioning brain is necessary for a person to be able to enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

A brain that does NOT develop normally or that becomes unhealthy means an individual who is less than he or she might have been - less able to learn and understand, less able to control impulses and make decisions, more likely to react to life’s stresses with retreat or violence, more likely to be disabled by mental illness. A person with an unhealthy brain is likely NOT to be able effectively to pursue liberty and happiness.

A healthy brain is necessary for liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That means, we have a moral imperative to use our knowledge to do what is possible to ensure that all persons’ brains develop normally and continue to be healthy.

We face many challenges in our individual and family lives, in our communities, and in our world. We, as a human civilization, have sufficient knowledge and resources to support normal brain development and continued brain health in all peoples.

Healthy brains are necessary to work together with local neighbors - and with worldwide neighbors - to create a safer and better world, now and in the future.

Applying Neuroscience to Make People Healthier & Happier


Facilitates review of research and develops scientific consensus on what is known from neuroscience and related fields that is important to individuals, families, communities, and policy-makers around the world.

Translates such knowledge into evidence-based, practical communication resources in the context of linguistic, cultural, educational, and experiential diversity.

Creates a public conversation on how such knowledge is relevant to our lives and how it can be applied to guide us to survive and thrive in a changing world.

Promotes healthy decision-making by individuals, families, and communities in social, economic, and other spheres through developing actionable understanding of such knowledge.

Brings such knowledge into the public sphere to facilitate development and implementation of social, economic, and other policy at a local, state, national, and international level to lead us towards health and happiness and a better world now and in the future.


We seek to translate important findings from research in neuroscience and related fields and bring this knowledge into public conversation.

We believe that understanding what neuroscience can teach us about ourselves and each other can benefit individuals, families, and communities throughout the world.

We work to facilitate using such knowledge and understanding to make our individual and family lives better and to help us take our communities, nations, and world onto a healthier path.


Engage. Keep informed of the progress and activities of Good Wolf and ways you can engage with us as our initiatives grow.

Learn. Access materials and resources to read, learn, and share the work of Good Wolf with family and friends.

Organize a Good Wolf Event Request a presentation and discussion on the work of Good Wolf with your organization or community group.

Become a Good Wolf advisor or ambassador. If you are interested in one of these roles, please contact us.

Form a Good Wolf Working Group
Here are some examples of what a Good Wolf working group can do. Good Wolf staff can help guide you in this process.

Get Involved in Service Projects that contribute and are satisfying – that feed the Good Wolf in others and in yourselves.

Begin an "Understand" Group.
Reach out and meet with people or groups different from yourselves – listen to each other - broaden and enrich your lives.

Create an Educational Event for your own group, for other groups, for your business, for your community.