A-Team Living

There is great hope for us if we embrace and use our highest capabilities

Albert Einstein once noted,A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move to higher levels.”

Ongoing neuroscience research underscores our ability to self-regulate, to learn to make deliberate choices of our values, goals, and actions. Good Wolf calls this “new type of thinking” and acting, achieved through an understanding of ourselves from neuroscience and based on pro-social values, A-Team Living.  

A-Team Living offers individual empowerment and deep, rich relationships with family and community, bringing emotional warmth, safety, and meaning. It offers the satisfaction of helping others and the accompanying adventure of expanding one’s world. It offers the personal peace that can come from opening oneself to the world and the infinite. And it offers the joy of working with others to create inclusive communities where all are valued, welcomed, and can thrive. 

What is A-Team living?

At the core of A-Team living is our ability to develop and use self-governance. Self-governance means rising above genes, past experiences, emotional responses, and social pressures. It means intentionally guiding our own thinking and behavior despite deep-seated and often powerful non-conscious tendencies. 

But self-governance alone is not enough. To function effectively in our complex society, we must develop an adequate understanding of our world and ourselves. We must think and learn critically, so that our Mind Map – what we know and understand – is in synch both with our individual selves and needs and with external realities of our world and the needs of our fellow humans. 

Finally, we need clearly articulated values and goals, the necessary skills, and the confidence to act effectively based on those values and goals.  

With self-governance, clear values, adequate knowledge about ourselves, others, and our world, we can create a vision of desired future in our Mind Map. With the necessary skills plus the confidence to act, we can build and follow that path in our Mind Map to achieve our hoped-for future. 

We face some challenges in the world and in our lives. But our human capacity to work together cooperatively and creatively has seen us through the past 250,000 years or so. We think we can do so again. 

We can – and must - harness our unique and amazing abilities in order to live our best lives and create a hopeful future for our children.  

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