Personal Growth & Community Engagement

We focus on sharing our understanding of how our brain works. We consider why, how, and under what circumstances we make decisions and take actions.

We suggest ways to use this knowledge to become self-governing (in control of our own decisions and actions) and self-efficacious (aware of the experiences of others, and informed and prepared for success).

We examine what neuroscience-informed practices and tools can be used to deal with, survive through, and have the best lives possible in the face of the many hardships that life can entail.

Put simply: The goal is to flourish as you travel through the vicissitudes of life!

We communicate and engage through:

  • Sharing content and learning opportunities on the Good Wolf website and social media platforms
  • Designing, presenting, and facilitating courses, lectures, seminars, and talks – both in-person and online
  • Creating opportunities for learning, growth, and action through conversations and other engagements, both in-person and through online communities.

A major tool that Good Wolf shares and uses in our work is the Good Wolf Four-Part Process:

  1. Achieving Self-Governance
  2. Achieving Competence
  3. Value-Based Individual Action
  4. Value-Based Collective Action