Our Mission & Vision


We seek to make accessible what we know about ourselves from neuroscience to support individual growth, strengthened relationships, and thriving communities.


We envision a world where all people, empowered by their understanding of themselves and each other, work together to support individual thriving and build vibrant communities.


Teaching Neuroscience. Transforming Lives.

Our brain is our control system, supporting our perceptions, beliefs, attitudes, decisions, and behaviors. To meet the challenges of this critical moment in history, we need to respect and listen to each other, acknowledge a shared reality, and work together with people different from ourselves. But many of us are stuck in tribalistic mindsets more suited to a hunter-gatherer society than to the diverse, interconnected world in which we live.

Neuroscience tells us what is needed for healthy brain development and functioning throughout our lifetimes, and how we can move from fear, anger, and oppositional behaviors toward caring for each other and working together for the common good.

We provide a variety of learning activities, public conversations, and community engagements to promote an understanding and application of knowledge from neuroscience to help individuals empower themselves, strengthen their organizations, and enrich their communities.

Good Wolf seeks to make this neuroscience knowledge widely accessible so that each of us learns how to feed those good parts of ourselves and those around us, growing individually, strengthening our relationships, and working together to build thriving communities and a sustainable world.