Brain In Control

Our brain is our control system. Our human brain is unique.

Even when you don’t realize it, your brain is still firmly in control

Our brain is our control system, keeping us alive physiologically while simultaneously allowing us to survive and function in a complex world. 

The human brain is unique and powerful. It has enabled our species to create language, math, science, poetry, music, art, and philosophy. We have written laws and built governments, cars, airplanes, rockets, satellites, and planetary rovers. 

But we have also used our brains to create weapons of mass destruction and to exploit fossil fuels that threaten the future of our planet. 

Four qualities distinguish human brain function from other living species:  

    1. An extended period of brain growth from birth through early adulthood means that our brain development is influenced by culture, language, emotions, and our use of technology. These allow us to create an extensive model of the world in our brains (our Mind Map).
    2. A robust “working memory” allows us to create coherency and meaning from our experiences, and to hold these in our awareness. This allows us to engage extensive parts of our brain in processing our experiences and supporting our consciousness.
    3. By creating coherent sequences of experiences, we can think, plan, and cooperate with others; which has enabled humans to become the planet’s dominant primate species.
    4. As our brain matures, we gain the ability to reflect on our feelings and thinking, to self-regulate and manage our impulses; and therefore, to apply our values to our actions and decisions. 

How can we use our brain’s unique abilities to improve our lives? Join us on a journey to take control of our control system!